In this new programme, le duo Palissandre -Vanessa Dartier & Yann Dufresne- offers you a mosaic of works reflecting the changing face of French music aesthetics over the centuries : the finesse of the the great theoretician and humanist Jean Philippe Rameau’s baroque harpsichord music with two tracks from la Nouvelle suite en la; the very rare classical musique masterpiece  by Clermont composer and guitarist Antoine de Lhoyer: l’opus 31 nº3 for guitar duet; a transcription of the Dolly Suite, the only piece of music for 4 handed piano written by Gabriel Fauré in which we can appreciate all his harmonic talent and melodic genius; the most famous Clair de Lune for piano excerpt from the Bergamasque suite by Claude Debussy, iconic composer of the 20th C. french music renaissance;  la Toccata by Pierre Petit, a dedication to the historical ‘Presti-Lagoya’ guitar duets, a rondo piece dotted with tributes to composers who have left their mark in the late 20th C:  Gershwin, Stravinsky.