Quatuor Tana  | Antoine Maisonhaute, violon – Ivan Lebrun, violon – Julie Michael, alto – Jeanne Maisonhaute, violoncelle

In 2011 I offered my two first string quartets to the Tana Quartet. They assimilated the scores with staggering determination and creativity. In the wake of these first concerts, they commissioned a third quartet from me, which naturally came to form a triptych with the first two. These three quartets actually form only one work which develops the same material. The fourth quartet is also a commission from Tana Quartet. It introduces electronics into the equation, with the addition of a magnetic tape. Its micro-tonal language is rather subdued and sometimes even contemplative. Often close to silence, it is traversed by violent jolts from time to time. The remnants of older techtonic events are quickly brought back under control.
David Achenberg (1966)
Complete Quartet by Quatuor Tana
Bleu Ébène, 4ème quatuor pour quatuor et bande magnétique (dédié au Quatuor Tana), 2017
1. Prologue en 5 petits fragments
2. Bleu Ébène
3. Épilogue
Quatuor à cordes n°1, 2009
4. Prologue
5. Roman
6. Épilogue
7. Final
Quatuor n°2 , 2011
8. mouvement 1
9. mouvement 2
10. mouvement 3
11. mouvement 4
12. mouvement 5
13. Quatuor n°3 (dédié au Quatuor Tana), 2013


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