French record label Paraty Productions was founded by Bruno Procopio in 2006, to produce and promote classical recordings in ways consistent with today’s market.

Paraty Productions is an artist-run label, dedicated to giving other artists the opportunity to develop their recording projects with a highly qualified team. In creating Paraty, Bruno Procopio’s vision was to create a record label for the future. As an experienced craftsman of a new musical era, he advocates for artists to embrace self-production as a means to retain total artistic control and ensure the highest possible production quality.

The label guides artists through each project’s planning and recording stages, with the expertise of resident sound engineers, communication specialists, and the specialized magazine, Paraty’s perennial media partner. Paraty’s albums are available worldwide via our distributor, PIAS / Harmonia Mundi, in both physical and digital formats. Paraty Productions will celebrate its 100th release in 2017.

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Bruno Procopio, founder of Paraty Productions was interviewed by Le Monde on the economy of the classic disc.