Exploring J.S. Bach’s works with new eyes, chamber music, intuition and reinterpretation:

Our duo aims to shine a light on the lively and improvised elements of baroque music. Through modulations of speed and pressure on its strings, the violin brings into play its own colours, adding the presence of string instruments to the existing organ register. The unique design of Charolles’ organ (see Quentin Blumenroeder’s text) renders the blend of these sound-textures beautifully.

was an everyday craft in the Bach family: the one Bach undertook to compose and have performed at the court of Anhalt-Coethen and later at the Cafe Zimmermann in Leipzig, or the one permanently performed at his home by his children, pupils, boarders or friends of all fame. In many ways, Hausmusik was the sonic reflection of the relationship Bach maintained with those around him.