A contemporary look at sacred vocal music of the Middle Ages, in which are mirrored pieces from today, written for the singers of Mora Vocis.

This creation is typical of the original approach of the Mora Vocis ensemble: exploring new encounters with the public and playing on relationships between architecture, acoustics and music, both mediaeval and contemporary. Thus has Mora Vocis been invited for residencies in Burgundy (Paray-le-Monial and Vézelay), by the abbeys of Sylvanès, Sylvacane and Fontevraud and by the Carthusian monasteries of Villeneuve-lès-Avignon and Valbonne.

The members of Mora Vocis interpret their repertoire from memory and go so far as to use vocal colours and tessituras close to oral traditions. For many years now, this vocal and theatrical undertaking, as well as the pluridisciplinary conception of their concerts, have aroused the interest of several creators: choreographer Régine Chopinot for Saint Georges in 1990, the Théâtre de l’Ombrelle for Le Chevalier au Lion in 1991, then composers Anne-Marie Deschamps, Jean-Jacques Di Tucci, Daniel Meier, Klaus Huber, Caroline Marçot, Thierry Pécou and Aline Marteville.