Jacques MOREL

Anyone wishing to learn about Jacques Morel will be frustrated by an almost total lack of biographical documentation.
In his preface Morel praises the works of Marin Marais as being worthy of Apollo’s lyre. The image is a provocative one, since Apollo, powerful, poetic and stunning, was one of the Roi Soleil’s favorite personal allegories. Any number of paintings show Louis in this specific guise, depicted commandeering a chariot that pulls the sun. Louis himself will disappear in 1715 after a reign of unequalled length.
In light of the evident qualities of the composer Morel, it is indeed odd that we find no further traces of him. Yet, we count ourselves lucky to possess Morel’s Pieces de Violle, a wonderful tribute to a most poetic kingdom that once was.
For the past two decades, Fuoco E Cenere has established itself as an arena for sensational musical adventures.