Deuxième œuvre de Charles Dollé pour la basse de viole de gambe avec basse continue

Robin Pharo, viole de gambe et direction (artiste principal)

Ronald Martin Alonso, viole de gambe
Thibaut Roussel théorbe et guitare baroque
Loris Barrucand, orgue
Ronan Khalil, clavecin

Charles Dollé is not an anonymous composer since we know his name and works signed by him. Nevertheless, he remained in anonymity during his own time and until today, where very few records are devoted to him. Edited in 1737 and dedicated to the Prince of Carignan, famous patron appointed intendant of the Menus Plaisirs by Louis XV, the pieces for bass viol with continuo by Charles Dollé are among the last of its kind.

The facts of not belonging to one of the, through generations at the royal music employed, families and the non-achievement of a position at the court might be an answer why today so less is known about Charles Dollé. He remains mysterious, but his music, thanks to his publications transmitted, shows his musical talent and ability as a performer.