OPera Emoi

Duo Emaho
For years, the sounds of our instruments – piano and harp – have intermingled every Wednesday in the music school where we teach. We only had one hallway to cross to form a duo … And it was done in 2016 during the teachers’ concert. Thus was born the Duo Emaho (meaning wonder in Tibetan).
Our artistic project takes its roots in the history of European salons of the 18th and 19th century, where music that has been lost too time was performed. We have chosen to revive this overlooked repertoire. Our incessant research in the libraries of Belgium and elsewhere has enabled us to bring to light rare or forgotten works, which we subsequently would share during numerous concerts. But we also wanted to leave these musical treasures a lasting trace, since many of them have never been recorded before. From bel canto to jazz improvisation, from intimate French court music to Andalusian exuberance, we invite you on a musical journey through three centuries of music.

Primor Sluchin & Maud Renier